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Jeremy Campbell

Edmond athlete hopes to break his own world record
Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Katy Sullivan

Salute to Our Local Olympians-Paralympians: Katy Sullivan
KTLA-TV (CW), Los Angeles, California  

Kari Miller

Car crash didn’t deter D.C. Paralympian Kari Miller
Washington Times, Washington, D.C.  

 Blake Leeper

Blake Leeper, a double below-knee amputee, set an American record in the 100 meter competition, becoming the first U.S. competitor in his classification to finish the run in less than 11 seconds. Leeper also finished first in the 200 meter dash with a time of 21.70 seconds (also an American best), and first in the 400 meter dash with a time of 50.68 seconds.

Blake has been using prosthetic technology since he was nine-months-old, and receives prosthetic care from a team at Hanger Clinic including Kingsport-based Hanger Clinic clinician Paul Meyer.

Blake Leeper: "I want to beat him. Point. Blank. Period."
WGBH-TV (PBS), Boston, Massachusetts


David Prince





In 2002, David was in a life-changing motorcycle accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury and the loss of his right leg below-the-knee. Soon after, David denounced his reckless lifestyle and focused his energy on triathlons. He gained much success and recognition which resulted in invitations to participate in a prestigious track and field competition. This led him into the world of running, where he has dominated the circuit for the past three years. To help him increase his speed and compete at a higher level, David was fit with a custom-designed prosthetic leg made specifically for running by Hanger Clinic prosthetist Don Smith.

London Paralympic Games is reward for Brandon athlete who escaped downward spiral
Tampa Bay Times, Tampa, Florida

David Prince

After finishing his undergraduate degree in criminology in 1992, Bradley had his eyes set on attending law school at the University of Florida (UF). However, his life took a dramatic turn the day he took his law school entrance exams. While traveling on I-75, his automobile hydroplaned and slammed into a guardrail, which severed Bradley’s left leg below-the-knee and right leg above-the-knee. However, Bradley didn’t let the accident deter him from achieving his dreams – he went on to obtain his law degree from UF in 1997.

Local headed to paralympic games
Observer Newspaper, Deerfield Beach, Florida


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