Patient Care

Hanger, Inc. has two core business segments – Patient Care and Products & Services. Each of Hanger’s nine business units fit within one of these core business segments. Below is information about the Hanger’s Patient Care segments:

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Hanger Clinic

With over 2,000 clinical providers, Hanger Clinic provides the greatest collective of clinical talent available anywhere. Specializing in the provision of orthotic and prosthetic solutions, our teams efficiently deliver effective clinical systems, innovative technologies and outstanding customer service to our patients each year at more than 800 patient care clinics nationwide.

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The first network management company dedicated solely to the orthotics and prosthetics industry, Linkia is a powerful partner for healthcare companies looking to ensure the O&P care received by their beneficiaries is affordably priced, appropriately delivered, and is of unquestionable quality. By offering sophisticated customization, Linkia ensures a tailored approach to each company’s specific healthcare delivery need and model.