Management Team

Sound corporate governance principles are core to our operations, and reaffirm our commitment to excellence and integrity in all that we do. Our management team provides the leadership that ultimately enhances our customers' experience.

Hanger, Inc.

Vinit K Asar

Photo of Richmond L. Taylor

George E. McHenry

Vinit K. Asar
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hanger, Inc.

Richmond L. Taylor
President and
Chief Operating Officer

Hanger Clinic (Patient Care)

George E. McHenry
Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer and Secretary

Hanger, Inc.

Kenny Wilson Rebecca Hast Walt Meffert

Kenneth W. Wilson
President and Chief Operating Officer
SPS - Southern Prosthetic Supply


Rebecca Hast
Linkia, LLC
(Network Management)

Walt Meffert
Vice President and
Chief Information Officer
Hanger, Inc.

Thomas Hartman Drew Morton, Vice President, Human Resources

Thomas E. Hartman
Vice President and General Counsel
Hanger, Inc.

Drew Morton
Vice President and
Chief Human Resources Officer
Hanger, Inc.








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