Working for Hanger

We feel that there are many advantages to being a part of the Hanger family, but perhaps the best testament comes from employees themselves.  Below are just a few of the reasons many have chosen to make a career with Hanger.

Scott Hebert, Area Clinic Manager,
Waterville, ME, 12 years

Photo of Scott Hebert, area practice managerWhy do I work at Hanger?  There are many reasons, but the most important is the opportunity to network with more than 1,000 other clinicians across the nation.  I can get expert advice whenever I need it, giving my patients better outcomes. On extremely complicated cases I can tap into a national specialist who can work directly with the patient.  Smaller companies just don’t have that kind of clinical depth.

As the largest prosthetic and orthotic company in the nation, we have access to so many resources, including an internal research and development team. We’re   on top of the latest technologies and can share those with our patients. That means I can be a better practitioner.

I also really like the fact that each Hanger office is locally managed. It’s like the best of both worlds:  the resources and support of a large national company combined with the atmosphere of a small, local office.   

Su Mellor, Area Administrative Manager

Photo of Sue Melior, area administrative managerWhy did I choose Hanger?  When I did my interview, my prospective boss asked me if I thought I would stay at Hanger long-term.  My answer to him was “Yes, if you keep me challenged”.  Well he has followed through and so have I---I’ve been here five years.  It seems that whenever I feel my work becoming a little humdrum, Hanger offers me a challenge that I cannot refuse. Everyday is a chance for me to learn and my greatest reward is when a member of my staff says “Wow…I learned something new today!”

When I see our patients from across the country leading normal lives with orthotics and prosthetics from Hanger, I feel so proud that I am part of that process.  We are innovatively working every single day for the good of our patients.  Everyone at Hanger gets to see and be part of those outcomes either at our yearly Education Fair, working in one of our offices, or by watching one of our promotional videos.  In terms of career development, we have training materials on our intranet, excellent training programs, and tremendous corporate support.  Where else would you go to work and get all of that?

Stephen Mandacina, CP, FAAOP, Director of Clinical Support, Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program

Photo of Stephen Mandacina, Director of Clinical SupportThere are many reasons why I enjoy working at Hanger, yet one reason stands above all others: the quality of clinicians I work with throughout the U.S.  Hanger clinicians take pride in the patient care they provide, and it shows. As I travel across the country I meet many people who express how their clinician went above and beyond to provide excellent care.  It wasn’t just that the clinicians worked later or harder…it was the extra effort they invested to research and learn new designs, clinical techniques, and components. It is wonderful to be part of a network of hundreds of clinicians who learn from each other and work together to provide the best care available. 

There’s no question that Hanger clinicians are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the field. Their expertise shows in patients who achieve high levels of function and success with their orthotic and prosthetic devices.

Shane Ryley, Clinic Manager,
Torrence California
Opportunities for continuing education are a great asset for Shane Riley. 

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