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Learn about Amputee Empowerment Partners e-community; soon to be the largest and furthest reaching online resource for information, guidance, and perspective on issues related to limb loss and limb deficiencies for patients, families, caregivers, coworkers and friends.  Learn More

Join the community at www.empoweringamputees.org

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 Hanger's ARTroduction to Austin

As we move our corporate headquarters to Austin, we're looking for an area artist to bring our company's and the city's shared values of creativity and innovation to life in our new offices. The Austin area is famous for its creative class, and we were inspired by its talent.

After reviewing more than 60 outstanding entries from talented Central Texas artists, we’re proud to announce “Strides” created by Austin glass artist Morgan Graff as our “ARTroduction to Austin” winner! >> Read More



For more about the event, please visit www.artroduction.com


 National Events

The Gumpathon

6 Men, 2 months and 3530 miles across America

“I’ve served as a Royal Marine now in excess of 21 years and have never felt quite so strongly about wanting to achieve something that will help others.” Damian Todd, Gumpathon Team Leader.

On Veteran's Day, The Gumpthon team reached their destination and completed their epic journey across the USA, CONGRATULATIONS.

The journey began September 10, 2010, six very special men from three of the world’s finest fighting forces will attempt to run coast to coast across America to raise funds for injured service men and women on both sides of the Atlantic. The team will run across 16 States, 4 time zones and complete approximately 20 miles a day each, for 8 weeks. One of the team, A British Royal Marine is a triple amputee, the first triple amputee of the war in Afghanistan.

The Gumpathon will raise money for three service charities, In the US - The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and in the UK - The Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund and Help for Heroes.  The team aim to raise at least $1m for each of the charities in a challenge which will become the first time in which U.S and British forces have united to raise funds for such a cause.

Learn more about the event www.thegumpathon.com
Follow www.twitter.com/TheGumpathon

 Social Media


Hanger Clinic is utilizing social media as a personalized way to connect our current and prospective patients with our 700+ patient care clinics around the country.

Facebook and Twitter will keep you up-to-date on local and national Hanger news, patient accomplishments and events. The Hanger YouTube channel offers educational and inspirational videos about patients, new technology and life skills.


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