The Hanger Foundation

clinician_holding_boy.jpgThe mission of The Hanger Foundation is to empower those with physical challenges so they can live as fully as possible.  

Our Goals:

  • To positively impact the lives of those in need
  • To invest in the communities in which we live and work
  • To engage our employees in charitable efforts 

Parameters for Giving:​

The Hanger Foundation achieves our mission and goals through monetary contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteerism.

The Hanger Foundation will actively deploy funds to a variety of worthy organizations that benefit people with physical challenges in need in the United States that fit within The Hanger Foundation’s parameters for giving:

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Sports-related activities involving physically challenged athletes
  • Awareness and prevention of related diseases that Hanger impacts 

History of Giving:

​Hanger’s heritage of charitable giving goes back to the company’s founding in the 1800s.  Over the years, clinicians and employees have consistently and generously donated millions of dollars in free care and financial contributions to a variety of causes, including hardship cases in their own communities.  Our founder James Edward Hanger set out to help others more than 150 years ago and, today, the Hanger company continues to see it as our responsibility and a privilege to further that legacy of giving back. 

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