Haiti Relief

Following the Haiti earthquake in 2010, Hanger, Inc. established the Haitian Amputee Coalition, and together, the group created a long-term prosthetic and rehabilitation center in Deschapelles, Haiti, approximately 60 miles from Port-au-Prince. To date, more than 1,200 amputees have received prosthetic care at Klinik Hanger in Haiti. A training program was also created to educate local Haitians to become prosthetic practitioners and technicians for the provision of long-term care in Haiti. Continuing resources are being provided to focus on long-term sustainability and integration of services into existing local organizations.

In addition, Hanger, Inc. provided $250,000 in funding and orthopedic devices to assist with the medical needs of those affected by the earthquake, and spearheaded a nationwide prosthetic limb drive to collect pre-owned prosthetic components for use in creating new prosthetic limbs for Haitian amputees. More than 1,000 boxes totaling approximately 25,000 pounds of high-quality prosthetic components were collected.

​Hanger Inc. Launches Haitian Amputee Coalition in Partnership with Physicians for Peace, Shepherd Center, Harold & Kayrita Anderson Family Foundation

BETHESDA, Md., Feb 17, 2010 -- Hanger, Inc. and its philanthropic organization the Hanger Ivan R. Sabel Foundation announced the launch of the Haitian Amputee Coalition in partnership with Physicians for Peace, the Harold & Kayrita Anderson Family Foundation, and Donald Peck Leslie, M.D., of the Shepherd Center. The Haitian Amputee Coalition is creating a long-term prosthetic and rehabilitation center on-site at the Hospital Albert Schweitzer (HAS), an undamaged local hospital with a high clinical reputation located 60 miles from Port-au-Prince in Deschapelles, Haiti.

To be staffed by U.S. prosthetic experts from Hanger, Inc. and Physicians for Peace in conjunction with local Haitian medical professionals, the Haitian Amputee Coalition prosthetic and rehabilitation center at HAS will be functional by the end of February. More than 8,000 lbs. of prosthetic fabrication equipment and machinery have been shipped to Deschapelles with an additional 5,000 lbs. to be on the ground this week. A mobile prosthetic care unit donated by Otto Bock Healthcare, a global manufacturer of prosthetic products and services, will enable the delivery of care to those who are unable to be transported to HAS.

Clinic manager and recipient of the Hanger Excellence Award for Clinical Leadership John "Jay" Tew, CP from Baton Rouge, LA has volunteered to serve a three-month term at HAS as lead prosthetist for the Coalition's patient care delivery.

Additionally, the Haitian Amputee Coalition plans to create a training program to educate local Haitians to become prosthetic clinicians and technicians for long-term care in Haiti.

To read the press release announcement in its entirety, click here.

Prosthetic Limb Drive to Benefit Haiti

BETHESDA, Md., January 25, 2010 -- Hanger Clinic, Physicians for Peace and Heather Mills are proud to team up for a nationwide prosthetic limb drive. Please bring your older or used prosthetic limbs to any of Hanger Clinic's patient care clinics and we will ship them directly to Physicians for Peace for fitting on the tens of thousands of new amputees in Haiti.

To find a Hanger Clinic near you, visit our locations page or call our national line at 1-877-4HANGER.

Only prosthetic limbs can be accepted at Hanger Clinic locations.  If you would like to donate wheelchairs, crutches, braces, etc., please contact Physicians for Peace directly at 757-625-7569.

Since 2005, internationally recognized Physicians for Peace, with support from Hanger, Inc. has been providing amputee rehabilitation services in Haiti. Through Physicians for Peace's partner network of Healing Hands for Haiti and St. Vincent's School for Handicapped Children in the capital city of Port au Prince, prosthetic donations will go directly to help Haiti's disabled.

Hanger, Inc. to Donate $250,000 in Funding and Orthopedic Devices to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

BETHESDA, Md., Jan 21, 2010 -- Hanger, Inc. (NYSE: HGR) and its philanthropic organization The Hanger Ivan R. Sabel Foundation announced today that it will provide $250,000 in funding and orthopedic devices to assist with the medical needs of those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

A direct cash donation of $25,000 and a contribution of $225,000 in orthopedic devices, including neck and back braces, limb immobilizers, fracture boots, wrist splints, and cervical collars, will be donated to two charitable organizations currently providing care in Haiti -- Physicians for Peace and Project HOPE (Health Opportunities for People Everywhere).

"We feel deeply for the people affected by this profound tragedy and we hope our contribution will help ease some of the suffering," Hanger President and CEO Tom Kirk said. "As the largest provider of orthotic and prosthetic patient care, we see firsthand every day the hope that can be instilled by restoring mobility and functionality to those with severe orthopedic injuries. We will continue to work with Physicians for Peace and Project HOPE, as well as other non-profits, to define the clinical need and the logistics to provide care and services in Haiti."

In addition to the funding and device donations, many of Hanger Clinic's clinicians have expressed interest in providing care and clinical expertise in Haiti.

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