Acknowledging our past. Innovating our future.

Today, under the leadership of Vinit Asar, Hanger, Inc. is a $1 billion+ publicly-traded company (NYSE: HNGR) with more than 4,500 employees who have collectively enhanced human physical capabilities and improved the lives of millions of people with amputations, limb deficiencies, neuromuscular disorders, and other musculoskeletal anomalies for over 150 years.

The ingenuity and business savvy demonstrated by Mr. Hanger revolutionized the prosthetic industry and paved the way for ground-breaking prosthetic innovations including the incorporation of microprocessors, carbon fiber, accelerometers, robotics, and advanced socket materials. At Hanger, as we look to the future, we continue to honor our longstanding core values of integrity, clinical excellence, unsurpassed customer satisfaction, entrepreneurial operations, creativity, and innovation that served as the foundation of our organization. 

Our Vision – Lead the orthotic & prosthetic markets by providing superior patient care, outcomes, services and value.

With seven companies specializing in two businesses – patient care and product & services – Hanger, Inc. continues to find new ways to return personal independence to those with physical challenges, while remaining true to our rich history of superior clinical outcomes and customer service.

"If we have learned no other lesson, we are fully convinced of the wisdom of the policy we have followed all these years, never to allow our output to grow faster than our standards of quality and individual attention will allow," Mr. Hanger said in the late 1800s – a lesson and a policy that still ring true.