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Overview of Hanger

Overview of Hanger, Inc.

Built on the legacy of James Edward Hanger, the first amputee of the American Civil War, Hanger, Inc. (NYSE: HNGR) delivers orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) patient care, and distributes O&P products and rehabilitative solutions to the broader market. Hanger's Patient Care segment is the largest owner and operator of O&P locations with more than more than 800 patient care clinics nationwide. Through its Products & Services segment, Hanger distributes branded and private label O&P devices, products and components, and provides therapeutic solutions.

Steeped in over 155 years of clinical excellence and innovation, Hanger's vision is to be the partner of choice for products and services that enhance human physical capability.

Hanger helps those with limb loss, paralysis, and other physical challenges become productive members of society after injury or illness. Headquartered in Austin, TX and with locations in 47 states, our 4,900 employees collaborate to provide personal independence, increased mobility, and restored functionality. 

For more information about Hanger, see Hanger by the Numbers, visit Hanger.com, and follow us at Facebook.com/HangerNews, Twitter.com/HangerNews, and YouTube.com/HangerNews.