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Pediatric Orthotic Program

Infants and children require a specialized approach to their prosthetic or orthotic care. Limited communication skills, combined with rapid rates of physical growth, mean that pediatric patients require more frequent office visits and more careful observation of their progress from month to month. Infants and children depend on their parents and their orthotic providers to patiently take care of their needs during these growing years. Young orthotic patients face the same challenge of rapidly outgrowing their brace or support; they require close observation and they may potentially need to modify their device twice a year. Because every child is different, there is no standard timetable for refittings to accommodate growth. Some children will need more frequent clinical visits due to sudden growth spurts.

A team approach leads to the best outcome. Children who are going through the orthotic care process are surrounded by a group of key players. This usually includes their parents, family members, caregivers, pediatrician, orthotist and possibly their physical therapist or occupational therapist. As the parent, you are the central player on your care team and must speak for your child. Ask questions freely and express your thoughts and concerns to each person who is assisting in your recovery. Communication between everyone on the care team is a vital part of your child’s physical and emotional recovery as well as the ongoing rehabilitation process.

Our orthotists understand the special requirements of children and their caregivers. Hanger offers a full-range of pediatric orthoses including sports orthoses for preventative support and bracing to post injury, postoperative and functional support. We have orthotic services for children with chronic and severe physical impairments such as spinal bifida, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. In addition we offer infant hip orthoses and treatment for plagiocephaly with the Hanger Cranial Band.

The Hanger Advantage for Pediatric Orthotic Care

  • 640 Patient Care Centers nationwide provide services for families that relocate or are on vacation.
  • Large network of pediatric specialists
  • Family-friendly care centers help to ease fears and build a bond with your child and your local practitioner
  • Clinical consultation from our network of specialists is available for difficult cases
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