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Hanger Orthotics Program

Braces and supports are a broad and important specialty area that can dramatically improve the quality of life for people with specific musculoskeletal conditions caused by illness, injury or congenital anomaly. Hanger’s National Orthotics Program, led by Deanna Fish, is the largest provider of orthotic patient services in the United States.

Our orthotic specialists create a range of precise, custom-fit items, from complex bracing systems to spinal and neck orthotics, diabetic shoes to cranial bands. Often the goal is to increase mobility while decreasing rehabilitation time. Orthoses can be especially helpful in preventing an existing problem from getting worse. Treatment protocols encompass pediatrics, adults, neuromuscular disease, spinal, cranial, spinal cord injury, sports, and upper and lower extremity orthotics.

The Hanger Orthotics Program begins with a thorough consultation and evaluation, and continues through recommendations, treatment, education and rehabilitation. The advantages of Hanger’s program include our nationwide network of more than 640 patient care centers; expertise in difficult-to-fit cases; advanced fabrication techniques using custom thermoplastics and a variety of other materials; and a history of superior patient outcomes. Insignia™ laser scanning is one of our defining technologies that ensures a precise fit for many orthotic devices. Using a hand-held scanner and a computer, your practitioner captures and stores three-dimensional images of the effected area. Insignia™ images are exact to within one millimeter and the scanning process is quick, easy and painless. Insignia™ is completely noninvasive which means the practitioner does not touch the effected area but instead, moves the scanner around it. Occasionally, the practitioner may determine that it is more appropriate to fit an orthotic device using traditional plaster casting methods.

Continuing education for our practitioners is a vital part of our success. Advanced training sessions on a variety of orthotic specializations ensure state of the art theoretical and practical education and skills. In addition, our team of certified orthotists is skilled in providing custom-fit or custom-made orthoses.

Many orthotic patients are seeking relief from months or even years of pain and discomfort. Older orthotic patients typically have ailments such as post-polio syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis and other conditions that limit their freedom of movement. Other people that often seek orthotic care have neuromuscular and spinal conditions as well as basic sports injuries. Our primary objective for each patient is to provide a complete program that includes custom products, custom fitting and individualized service, all of which lead to increased functional ability.

The Hanger Orthotics Program places a high premium on communicating clearly with both the people we are serving, and within the entire health care team. We provide prompt and comprehensive follow-up reports to physicians, and our expertise in reimbursement results in timely, complete transactions. We adhere to quality assurance policies and procedures, seek feedback through patient satisfaction surveys, and maintain an outcomes measurement program.

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 Orthotic Specialty Programs

Stance Control Orthoses

Stance control orthoses (SCOs) are a newer type of KAFO that use advanced technology to lock the knee while standing and allow the knee to be in free motion during the swing phase of your normal walking. 

Diabetic Foot Care Program

The diabetic foot care program is a comprehensive approach to maintaining the health of your feet. People with diabetes often experience medical issues with their feet and legs. The associated neuropathy, loss of sensation, and poor vision present significant challenges to proper care. Your continued walking abilities and quality of life depend upon close inspection, proper shoewear, a few specific do’s and don’ts, and a commitment with your medical care team.

Pediatric Orthotics
Hanger Cranial Band

Hanger also has a special pediatrics orthotics program that includes all types of orthoses for infants and older as well as cranial helmets and cranial bands for the treatment of plagiocephaly.

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