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Purchasing WalkAide®

Are you considering a WalkAide? Many of our patients receive partial reimbursement for their WalkAide Systems from either insurers or private grants. Other patients take advantage of a range of financing options.

At Hanger, we’re dedicated to helping you get access to technologies that improve your mobility and quality of life. On this page, we’ve put together a list of reimbursement and financing options.

Got questions? Call Call 877-4Hanger for personal assistance. You can also speak to your local Hanger practitioner or office administrator for payment options.

Reimbursement Sources

For some patients, insurance will cover part or most of the cost of the WalkAide System. Because WalkAide is new technology, many insurers do not specifically cover the system. If you are denied coverage, WalkAide personnel are available to help appeal the ruling. Please see Appealing Reimbursement Denial, at right, for more information.

In cases of cerebral palsy, Medicaid may pay for part of the WalkAide System.

Did you sustain an incomplete spinal cord injury while on Medicare? You may be eligible for full Medicare reimbursement for WalkAide. Note that Medicare requires 32 sessions of physical therapy.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Grants
Do you have multiple sclerosis? Contact the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for information on finding a grant to cover some of the cost of the WalkAide System.

VA Reimbursement
The US Department of Veterans Affairs may offer reimbursement in the case of foot drop caused by injuries sustained during military activities. Contact your regional Veterans Benefits Administration center for more information.

Workers Compensation
If your foot drop is caused by injuries sustained on the job site, you may be eligible for reimbursement through workers compensation. Check with your local human resources department for more information.

Financing Your WalkAide

There are multiple financing options for your WalkAide system. Financing options will vary by Hanger location. For full financing options, please speak to your Patient Care Center’s office administrator.

Care Credit is an organization that provides multiple financing options for patients receiving healthcare services. They offer a variety of plans for financing a Hanger WalkAide purchase, including no interest and extended payment plans. Speak with your local practitioner or contact Care Credit for more information.

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 Appealing Reimbursement Denial

  Assistance is available in cases where your insurance has denied reimbursement for a WalkAide System.

Speak with your local Hanger practitioner or office administrator to begin the appeals process.

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  At Hanger, we’re committed to helping patients get access to WalkAide and other life-changing technologies.  
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