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Spinal, Neck and Back Braces

Spinal orthoses, which include neck and back braces, are used to support and stabilize areas of the body from the jaw to the lower back and cervical spine. These types of braces may be used postoperatively to promote proper and safe healing, to treat a chronic disease or condition such as a arthritis or or used to treat an injury, such as whiplash.

Cervical Collar and Orthosis

A neck brace is cervical collar or cervical orthosis and may be used to treat an injury, provide support for degenerative disease that affects neck strength, or as a postoperative stabilization device. Cervical collars range from a soft style to a rigid style. Cervical orthosis are designed to fit the body anywhere from the jaw to the chest.

Spinal Orthoses, Back Braces and Supports

The spine can be likened to a slinky. When one segment of the spine moves it creates motion above and below it. Due to this inherent motion when treating the spine it is necessary to treat both above and below the involved area.

Spinal orthoses are divided into flexible and rigid supports. They are also defined according to which portion of the vertebral column they stabilize. Therefore a CO is a cervical orthosis and a TLSO would be a thoraco-lumbo-sacral orthosis. Each type of orthosis is effective on specific areas of the spine.   

Scoliosis Treatment

Scoliosis Orthoses are an important category of spinal braces. This type of brace is used to treat a lateral or side to side "S" curvature of the spine in children, teens and adults.

Depending on the severity of the scoliosis the treatment may be a metal brace that is worn at all times or a nighttime or bending brace that is only worn while sleeping.

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