Welcome to Hanger Clinic, the United States’ leading provider of prosthetics and orthotics. We help amputees and individuals with musculoskeletal disabilities and injuries improve their quality of life and regain their self-confidence. From artificial limbs to braces to orthotic shoes, we offer a complete range of products and services to get patients back on their feet again.

With a network of over 700+ Patient Care Clinics nationwide and hundreds of certified specialists and technicians who customize and fit prosthetic and orthotic devices, Hanger is by far the largest and most experienced P&O provider in the nation. We fit our patients with the most advanced prosthetic and orthotic technologies in the world, including the i-Limb Hand, C-Leg and WalkAide device. Each year we fit thousands of patients with the latest in prosthetics, braces and supports for a wide variety of conditions. 

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 Forward Thinking

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The élan is a new microprocessor-controlled hydraulic foot from Endolite that uses patented microprocessor-controlled technology to provide real time, simultaneous adjustments as the user walks, allowing for a smoother gait. » Read More

Improve prosthetic comfort, limb health and limb control with advanced technology. Eighty percent of below the knee amputees are candidates. VHold V3 was inspired and developed by Hanger clinicians. » Read More

This first ever orthotronic device, which combines the science of mechatronics with custom orthotics, is helping people walk, despite paralysis due to incomplete spinal cord injury, post-polio syndrome, and other debilitating physical conditions. » Read More

 Hanger News

 PROFILE: Maja Kazazic


When Maja Kazazic was 16 years old and living in Bosnia during the war, she was severely injured by a mortar shell that killed six of her friends. As a result of her injuries, her leg was amputated and she was in a critical condition when the British aid worker Sally Becker found her in the basement of the besieged hospital. Sally drove her across the front line to safety and Maja was then flown to the States for treatment, not knowing if she would ever see her family again.

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Aron Ralson
On April 26, Aron Ralston set off on a solo climb in Blue John Canyon. This ordinary day turned into a six day event that became world-wide news and a period of time that changed him profoundly. Read about Aron’s remarkable journey and watch the movie trailer for 127 Hours the upcoming film about Aron’s five days alone in the canyon. » Read More


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 Travel Information

There is a welcome change in TSA airport screening procedures for people with disabilities.  TSA has created a wallet-sized Medical Notification Card that fliers can download and fill in, noting their particular medical condition or device that may affect their screening.  Individuals can discreetly hand a security officer this card noting their medical condition or device, sparing travelers from having to go through excessive explanations and unwanted extra attention.  The cards do not exempt travelers from extra screenings, but hopefully, individuals will be more comfortable with the process.

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