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OmniVR™ - The World's First Virtual Rehabilitation System for Aging Adults

Accelerated Care Plus' (ACP) new OmniVR™ is the world's first virtual rehabilitation system designed specifically for geriatric patients and those facing medically complex conditions. This easy to use technology recreates your movements in a 3-D, real-time interactive experience that provides you with enhanced feedback and motivation, which improves exercise participation, repetition and duration. 

OmniVR Touchscreen

The OmniVR™ is advanced technology made simple:

  • Easy-to-use, "one touch" operation
  • Special 3D camera recreates movements in a "real time" interactive experience, to enhance participation and improve motivation and outcomes
  • 6 Different "Skilled" Exercise Modes developed for those with lower-functioning levels: Seated  Exercise, Wheelchair propulsion and Control, Upper Extremity, Balance, Walking, and Cardio
  • Designed for geriatric patients, the system does not require hand controllers, special mats or platforms to stand on
  • Ideal for One-on-One use and Group Therapy, with capabilities to accommodate multiple patients simultaneously

Watch the "Introducing the New OmniVR™" video

Watch the OmniVR Video News Report 



   OmniVR - Wheelchair Exercise  
   OmniVR - Group Therapy  

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