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Patient Profiles

Every person who deals with an amputation or a condition that requires an orthotic device understands the unique experiences and challenges that face others with similar conditions.  Most would never claim that a prosthesis or orothoses is just like the “real thing” but by taking advantage of specialized products, advanced technology and professional care, many have moved forward with their lives in positive and rewarding ways.

There are thousands of Hanger stories about patients who exemplify strength, determination and hard work. By recounting the special journeys of a few, we hope to share insight, encouragement and inspiration.

Aron Ralson
As Aron was climbing alone in a remote canyon in southeastern Utah in spring 2003, a huge 800-pound boulder shifted and pinned his right arm against the canyon wall. For five days, Aron tried to move the boulder to release his hand, but to no avail. » Read More
Brooklyn Gibney is a typical second grader. She’s bright, loves to read, and has many friends. She’s also a sports nut. Brook loves basketball, softball, and especially University of Oklahoma football. » Read More
Cameron Clapp
"Impossible is an opinion not a fact," says Cameron Clapp. These are words of epic meaning coming from a young man who became a triple amputee at the age of 15. » Read More
Carrie Davis
Carrie lives by the motto, “Life is not about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself,” and strives to create the best life for herself, her family, and for the people and patients she serves, by taking an active role in life, regardless of limitations. » Read More
Hope M. Harrison was born with a rare vascular condition called Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome (KTWS). In short, a condition that causes » Read More
Ezra Frech
Born with a congenital anomaly that resulted in the amputation of his left leg and the relocation of his toe to his hand to serve as a thumb, Ezra Frech’s life as a toddler would appear to be wrought with challenges and trepidation; however, at the tender age of five, he’s already proving to the world that challenges make you stronger and differences make you shine. » Read More
Before graduating from Perryton High School in Perryton, Texas, Jeremy was all-district in basketball, track and football. He was introduced to amputee athletics at the Endeavor Games in 2004. » Read More
As far back as I can remember, I always wanted a family. A wonderful husband, a boy first then a girl. Like most women in this world. » Read More
Jonathan Metz
June 7, was a typical Monday evening for 31-year-old Jonathan Metz. He ran downstairs for what he thought would be a five-minute repair to the boiler. Two days later, his arm was still trapped in the boiler; he decided his best chance for survival was to cut off his own arm. » Read More
Jordan Wells
Jordan’s story began on a rainy Saturday night when she got together with her best friend Ashley Younger who was home from college for the weekend. » Read More
23 year-old, Josa Gonzalez was enjoying a summer college trip with his friends and traveling by train through Europe. One early morning, the train made a brief stop in Spezia, Italy. Josa was getting refreshments when he suddenly » Read More
While home on leave from the US Army, Kari was hit by a drunk driver and lost both of her legs. » Read More
Karl Chapin’s best friend says it like this: “You’re the most unhandicapped handicapped person I’ve ever seen.” Learn just a little bit about Karl, age 60, and you know his friend is right on target. » Read More
Katy Sullivan’s 100-metre race at last year’s 2007 Pan Am Games made her the fastest double AK in the world. » Read More
Laurens Molina was born on October, 2, 1978 in San Jose, Costa Rica. His parents weren't prepared for the shock of their son being born without any bones in his legs from the knees down. When he was a year and a half old, both of his lower extremities were amputated at the knees. » Read More
When Phyllis Frohlich lost her hand in a roll-over car accident, she feared she would always be dependent on someone else » Read More
The most important thing is just to not listen to anyone who says it's impossible," says Regas Woods. » Read More
Heath Calhoun
Staff Sgt. Heath Calhoun earned respect for the U.S. military at a young age. His father served in Vietnam and his grandfather in World War II » Read More
While 16-year-old Stephen Lutz may be similar to other high school varsity baseball pitchers in that he lives for the game and has dreams of playing college ball, Stephen has several characteristics that set him apart from fellow athletes. » Read More
I guess nobody ever expects to become an amputee, but my life went this direction for some reason and I’m determined to make it as positive as I can for myself, my family and the other amputees I meet along the way. » Read More
Thomas John (TJ) Pemberton is a true outdoorsman…from the top of his bright orange hunters’ hat to the bottom of his prototype, mossy oak camouflage leg brace. All his life TJ has enjoyed outdoor activities » Read More

Winter the Dolphin

 Winter the Dolphin

It’s the stuff of movies – literally. A baby dolphin lost her tail after it became entangled in a crab trap in 2005. Two prosthetic experts stepped in to create the first prosthetic tail for a dolphin. The real life survival story of that little dolphin named Winter and her innovative prosthetic team, Sarasota-based prosthetist Dan Strzempka and Orlando-based Kevin Carroll, is coming alive on the silver screen nationwide on September 23rd in a feature film titled, “Dolphin Tale” starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristopherson, and Harry Connick, Jr. » Read More


Meet Winter

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