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V-Hold V3The All New V-Hold with V3 Technology

Simple, Intelligent & Reliable Prosthetic System

A prosthesis is a modular system made of many sub-components.

Prosthetists and prescribing physicians work together to identify the right combination of these components to build a prosthesis that matches each patient’s unique physical profile and lifestyle.

A key component to the prosthetic system involves comfortably ‘linking’ the prosthesis and the patient’s limb.  Recent advancements in technology and improved clinical techniques have improved this 'link' significantly, often exceeding patients experience from traditional socket system.

The V-Hold is an advanced system using ‘Active Vacuum’, sometimes referred to as ‘subatmospheric’ socket technology.

What is ‘Active Vacuum’?

Active vacuum is a technology that actively expels air from between the residual limb and the prosthetic socket. This creates a closed system and intimate fit, improving comfort, proprioception and control of the prosthesis.


80% of patients who have a below the knee amputation are candidates.  Candidates include patients who have acquired a limb deficiency by trauma, disease process or congenitally and include patients in rehabilitation, in the community or those who participate in athletic events.

Clinical Benefits:

• Stabilized limb volume throughout the day, eliminating the need for additional socks through day
• Improved Limb Health, increasing hydration and blood flow.  Many patients experience reduced skin abrasions
• Improved limb control, promoting walking confidence and improved balance
• Better proprioception, providing input on where the patients leg is in space
• Unmatched linkage when the leg is both on and off the ground

Why the V-Hold?

The V-Hold is the lightest vacuum system available.  It is simple, with two button controls.  It has Microprocesser Intelligence.  The V-Hold uniquely adapts to each patient.  It has a Socket Fit Analysis program which guides your clinician to provide an optimally fitting socket.  Finally, the V-Hold reporting option monitors patient performance over time and records device efficiency.

VHold is available at Hanger Clinics.  Participating clinics can be found on the Hanger Clinic Site locator.

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Eric Bruno


“The V-Hold has given me that peace of mind of not worrying if my prosthesis is holding suction.  Once the V-Hold has been turned on and the threshold is met, my prosthesis feels like having my leg back.”

- Eric Burno

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