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Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program

People born without an arm or hand, or those who experience an upper extremity amputation, are missing not only a limb, but also a sophisticated tool for daily living. Hanger’s Upper Extremity Prosthetics Program (UEPP) focuses on the unique needs of these individuals, bringing them the latest technologies and clinical techniques. Troy Farnsworth, CPO and Hanger UEPP Specialist, guides a team of upper extremity practitioners through extensive, specialized training.

The average prosthetic clinic may see only one or two upper extremity patients a year.  Under the direction of our primary UEPP office in San Antonio, Texas, our program works with hundreds of patients each year - more than any other prosthetic provider in the world. Our upper extremity research and fabrication center in Anaheim, California, is dedicated exclusively to upper extremity prosthetics. We also have upper extremity specialists positioned in each region of the United States and can travel to other Hanger offices as needed. This approach means less travel for patients, allowing them to stay closer to home, friends and family. 

Selecting and learning to use a prosthesis is a major challenge. Our specialists make facing this challenge a little easer with a comprehensive program that addresses each person’s functional, psychological and occupational needs.

Hanger patient Jonathan Metz shares his story of survival

New York, N.Y., August 25, 2010 – 31-year-old Jonathan Metz cut off his own arm in June 2010 after becoming trapped in the boiler in the basement of his Connecticut home. Metz was heating up dinner in the microwave when he ran downstairs for what he thought would be a five-minute repair to the boiler. Two days later, his arm was still trapped in the boiler and he decided his best chance for survival was to use a nearby hacksaw blade to cut off his own arm.

Recently, Metz was fit by the Wethersfield, Connecticut-based Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics patient care center with the U.S. first production model of the newest bionic hand available in the world, the bebionic hand.

After covering his incredible survival story earlier this summer, this morning the Today Show provided an update on Metz, including his prosthetic fitting and physical rehabilitation. Watch the piece in its entirety here.


Tools for Life Upper Extremity video. To request a DVD copy call 877-4HANGER or email info@hanger.com.

   Carrie Davis-below-elbow amputee  



 Carrie Davis

  Carrie Davis was born without her left arm below the elbow. From the time she was nine months, old she wore everything from a cable-operated prosthesis to an oppositional prosthesis to a myoelectric arm.

Today, she chooses the challenge knowing there is a device that will help her attain her goals. From waterskiing to playing guitar, participating in triathlons to parenting, Carrie relies on the expertise of Hanger prosthetist and her team of healthcare professionals to help her achieve any goal she sets for herself.

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