Hanger Foundation Empowerment Grants

We understand it takes a great deal of time and resources to apply for grants. The Hanger Foundation provides the following giving guidelines in order to clearly define the focus areas we support and to respect the efforts of both grant seekers and grant reviewers.​ Only those proposals meeting specific guidelines and furthering our strategic goals and objectives will be considered for approval. 

​Giving Guidelines

The Hanger Foundation supports 501c3 organizations that directly and positively impact people with physical challenges in need in the United States that fit within our focus areas.

The Hanger Foundation is currently seeking grant applications focused on empowering people through:

    1. Rehabilitation and support services for related illnesses or trauma (ex. stroke, sports injuries, combat related injuries)
    2. Athletic programs, social activities, and events for individuals with physical challenges with a special emphasis on individuals with limb loss or limb difference

Additional Information:
  • Operating expenses are only funded up to 15% of the total grant and only when connected with a funded project or program. 
  • All organizations applying for grants must complete the Grant Application Process.
  • All grants are currently one-year grants only.
  • We are not currently offering funding for the following purposes: seed/pilot funding, capacity building, and capital campaigns.
  • The Hanger Foundation does not fund individuals, endowments, or political organizations. 
  • For additional information, please refer to the FAQs within the grant application. Organizations that utilize Hanger Clinic services should refer to the FAQs regarding our Conflict of Interest policy.


Funding Cycle

Grants will be awarded based on the following schedule: 

Spring Cycle
March 1 – Applications due 
May – Awards granted 

Fall Cycle
September 1 – Applications due 
November – Awards granted 

Grant applications are currently closed.

Hanger Foundation is proud to support Camp No Limits as our Signature Empowerment Grant.


For questions regarding Hanger Foundation grants:
Email: rkubicki@hangerfoundation.org

Phone: 512.777.3932 (o) 512.884.7667 (c)